Our Story

I am starting to type this, procrastinating my housework, and already I know it will take me a few tries to get all the thoughts in order. You have likely read already how I packed up my then-4-year-old and myself, and followed a friend moving across the country - with no hesitation. 

My friend - now roommate - was wanting to move closer to his family and follow his dreams of buying a vineyard. He was willing to sell his house and leave his every day behind and follow his dreams, why couldn't I put myself on the back-burner and give my son this chance to be around other kids, picket fences, and start school in a real home he will be able to STAY in as he grows? NOT TO MENTION, I don't think my son would have let Todd leave without him. Todd was even leaving his boyfriend behind, but my kiddo was the hard part. They couldn't say goodbye. I lived with Todd my entire pregnancy and from the moment Devin was born. I was in for it, and told my Mom we were going to go to and start fresh on the opposite side of the country. I am VERY happy to report that my Mom also had a hard time being away and has since moved over here to Nova Scotia too.

I have thrived and I am slowly becoming the best version of myself on the East Coast. 

Devin will be helping along the way with some of his own contributions to the store, and he even just told me he is "very proud of me" for this. I hope this doesn't stop being fun any time soon because between Devin, Work and finding time to sleep - there is nothing else I would rather be doing.

xo Lacey